about equator analytics

We want to help the next billion tourists travel sustainably.

That's why we started Equator. We believe that local communities, companies and destinations know best how to build and manage their destination sustainably. Equator helps its clients make evidence-based decisions that can resolve overtourism, create local jobs, drive investments and protect heritage and the environment. We do this by harnessing data from around the world and building local, context-specific models that map the impacts of travel and tourism.

Why we're different

We excel in domains where data can be hard to come by, and where traditional methodologies are too costly or too slow to be effective. We look at data sources that most would otherwise overlook, or think too complicated to break down. By drawing on statistical techniques from a range of fields, we're able to solve some of the most important challenges facing the travel industry today, such as overtourism, defining the limits of the sector and calculating regenerative impact.

Who we are

We're a team of data scientists, engineers, designers, and technical experts helping destinations and travel companies understand the impact of travel and tourism. We come from data-rich environments in both academia and industry, spanning international economic development, humanitarian work and healthcare.

The Equator Team

Portrait of Edmund Morris

Edmund Morris

CEO & Founder

Edmund founded Equator in 2020. His tourism modeling work has received international acclaim at the Adventure Travel Trade Association World Summit and the Pacific Asia Travel Association. He has a decade of international development experience, designing and executing multiple, million-dollar initiatives in travel and tourism on behalf of the United States Agency for International Development. He has previously advised the World Bank, IFC, UNHCR among other international bodies.

Portrait of Rafael Pilliard-Hellwig

Rafael Pilliard-Hellwig

Chief Science Officer

Rafael leads the Data Science work at Equator. He has over a decade of international experience in statistical modeling and building monitoring and evaluation solutions. Rafael has previously worked for industry and government clients in Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, the US and Canada. His corporate experience extends to consulting in tourism, economic development, banking, oil and gas and financial services. Rafael supports the entire data sciences, oversees data testing and the development of the data system.

Portrait of Maya Huneidi

Maya Huneidi

Chief Marketing Officer

Maya has over thirteen years of international experience in branding, communications and marketing. She has worked and consulted for global organisations focused on economic development, poverty alleviation, public health and social justice. Maya also has worked on helping businesses in Australia, the UK and Jordan establish better brand identities. Specialising in brand design and strategy, she leads all branding and marketing activities at Equator. She speaks Arabic and English.

Portrait of Chad Neald

Chad Neald

Data Scientist

Chad Neald has been instrumental in the development of Equator's data repository, building visualizations and making some of the most exciting discoveries in local tourism. He has deployed robust statistical modelling to associate water consumption of big chain hotels to that of small nations, assessed the emissions factors of scuba diving and modelled the impacts of driving on sand.

Portrait of Callum France

Callum France

Frontend Developer

Callum leads Equator's frontend development. He's the guy responsible for building speedy interfaces and ensuring data visualizations work seamlessly. Callum previously held an engineering role at Healthengine, where he helped shape Australia's digital home for healthcare, working on large SaaS solutions for the Australian Government and Terry White Chemmart. He became a Full-Stack engineer and tech-lead in 2021.

Portrait of Lina Zhang

Lina Zhang

Backend Developer

Lina leads Equator’s database design and cloud architecture. Prior to Equator, Lina was with Ant Group as a software engineer in test - responsible for the QA of a mutual-aid system on Alipay with over 100 million users. She also developed the technical risk management and analysis platform for their digital finance department. She holds master's degrees in artificial intelligence, finance, and big data, and a bachelor's degree in marketing.

Portrait of Jianzhen Toh

Jianzhen Toh

Jr. Software Developer

Jianzhen drives efforts in data extraction and acquisition, coding some of the most efficient ingestion systems you've never seen. He's a pro in Python, Web Development Stack, Vue.js and PostgreSQL. Prior to becoming a software engineer, he worked at AIESEC in supporting their marketing, communications and business development efforts. He speaks English, Mandarin and Malay.

Portrait of Shreestina Tamrakar

Shreestina Tamrakar

Jr. Data Analyst

With a background in Business Studies and Economics, Shreestina specializes in data analytics. Her previous experience includes portfolio management and working in the disability sector in Australia. Her areas of focus are data cleaning, processing and visualisation. She speaks Nepali, Newari, Hindi and English.

Where to find us

Founded in 2020, Equator Analytics is based in Perth, Australia and Vancouver, Canada.

Map of the world with Perth, Australia and Vancouver, Canada highlighted