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We want to help the next billion tourists travel sustainably

That's why we started Equator. Our mission is to produce data that every tourist can relate to so they can make more informed decisions about their travels.

We do this by harnessing data from around the world and building local, context-specific models that map the impacts of travel and tourism. We work with both small and large businesses. So whether you are a hotel chain wanting to understand the impacts of water saving investments, or an adventure operator who wants tell the world about the good you do in rural communities.

We excel in domains where data can be hard to come by

We look at data sources that most would otherwise overlook, or think too complicated to break down. By drawing on statistical techniques from a range of fields, we're able to solve some of the most important challenges facing the travel industry today, such as overtourism, defining the limits of the sector and calculating regenerative impact.

We convert complex data to engaging stories

We create unique, interesting and personalised stories for you about the impact of your products and services from thousands of datapoints. You can use these stories just about anywhere to elevate your marketing and sales; your website, social media, print materials and many other options.
Equator is based in the Perth CBD

The Equator team

We're an international team of data scientists, software engineers, tourism experts and design gurus based in Australia and Canada.

portrait of Edmund Morris

Edmund Morris
Founder & CEO

portrait of Rafael Pilliard-Hellwig

Rafael Pilliard-Hellwig
Chief Science Officer

portrait of Maya Huneidi

Maya Huneidi
Brand Director

portrait of Chad Neald

Chad Neald
Data Scientist

portrait of Callum France

Callum France
Full-Stack Developer

portrait of Lina Zhang

Lina Zhang
Back-End Developer

portrait of Jianzhen Toh

Jianzhen Toh
Jr. Software Developer

portrait of Shreestina Tamrakar

Shreestina Tamrakar
Jr. Data Analyst

portrait of Kara Broadbridge

Kara Broadbridge
Content Strategist

Empower your marketing with insights that tourists care about

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