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A data engine that makes sense of tourism impact.

From small operators to blue chip tourism companies —
Equator is designed to convert sustainable travel intentions into sales.

Reach the next generation of tourists

83% of consumers look for sustainable options when travelling (booking.com). With our insights, you can reach the largest untapped market in travel and tourism with insights on jobs, local spending, contribution to conservation and climate mitigation.

Be local

We have the world’s first ‘destination-specific’ engine. We can tell your customers about their impact when they visit specific cities and towns or encourage them towards similar, more sustainable destinations.

Make sustainable tourism more accessible

Less than 15% of tourists claim to understand what sustainability means (National Geographic, 2021). We make sustainability more approachable by translating complex data into easy, simple and relatable sentences that encourage tourists to make sustainable travel decisions.

Nudge towards more sustainable options.

We use industry-leading practices in behavioural science to ‘nudge’ tourists towards more sustainable options. Tourists know they emit kilograms of carbon by driving cars. We make them aware that others save up to 50% of their emissions by driving hybrids.

Meet Marvin: our conversion engine.

Marvin makes it possible to generate simple, instantaneous automated stories that you can use to market how your tourism products contribute to a better planet.
Diagram of the Marvin system

Sustainability is fast becoming one of the top issues that people care about when travelling, but it’s difficult for most tourists to understand the impact of their travel activities and trips. Most information on sustainability is buried in academic articles and reports that an average tourist will never see. You might wonder “who even reads this”. We do. And we don’t just read them, we convert them into machine-readable datasets.

We gather insights from sustainability reports, and also aggregate data from national and local governments, public APIs and any other impact data in the public domain.

But that’s not where our work ends. We believe sustainability should be an integral part of the decision-making process for tourists and companies in the travel and tourism industry. So we developed ‘Marvin’, the world’s first data engine, designed to generate insights into the local dynamics of tourism systems.

So whether you’re interested in how a trip with whale watching affects jobs in towns in Iceland, or how your water-savings investments in a hotel have helped access to water in local villages in Jordan, we can get those insights with Marvin.

Convert intention into sales

Tourists care about more than just the price tag. Understand what types of stories and insights motivate tourists to click and purchase.

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